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Switching to Electronic Cigarettes – The Benefits!


Switching traditional brands and considering the alternatives can be a traumatic experience for some, moving into unfamiliar territory is a cause of concern for most individuals mainly due to their lack of understanding. We find that reassurance from knowledgeable sources regarding the benefits of switching manages to quell the majority of their concerns. All MyCiggy Staff are trained to address our Customers concerns in an informative and knowledgeable manner, gleaned not only from our ongoing training process but also as a result of their own first-hand experience of smoking electronic cigarettes, having themselves switched from traditional cigarettes.

Switching to E-cigarettes is possibly one of the more difficult decisions a smoker has to make other than the biggest decision of all, that being to Stop Smoking altogether.As ex-smokers, who now vape, we are all too familiar with the problems involved if you wish to quit smoking. For, despite the exorbitant costs, all the bad press, the social exclusion (which if it involved circumstances not so socially unacceptable, would be classed as a blatant case of discrimination, worthy of media coverage) some people still enjoy smoking and accept the associated risks with doing so.Smoking eases the pressure of every-day living, helps gather ones thoughts, provides a welcome distraction, finishes a meal off nicely, goes hand in hand with drinking and enhances the odd chocolate bar. Smoking is a great stress reliever was used as a tool for socialising, long before Facebook or Twitter and the like were ever conceived. READ MORE

‘Proper’ E-cigarettes from MyCiggy provide a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco based cigarettes. If you’re searching for that alternative take a look at our selection of e-cigarette starter kits today. HERE