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MYCIGGY: Started by EX-Smokers to provide Great quality products @ Great value prices

Why Choose MyCiggy® Products?

MyCiggy was established to provide the best electronic E Cigs and the best quality and cheapest E Liquid deals in the UK, which as a converted E Cig user is what I demanded myself. 

I converted to eCigs having smoked Marlboro Lights for 15years.  I regularly smoked 40+ every day, more at weekends, and was sick of the morning coughing fit and my clothes, hair, house and car always smelling like an old ashtray ... along with the ever increasing daily expense of supporting Phillip Morris and HM Government! Not to mention standing outside the Pub … in the rain … in shirt sleeves … in the middle of winter!

So I had a number of reasons for me switching to eCigarettes, the highest up the list being the financial and health issues associated with smoking regular cigarettes … Oh! I forgot to mention the constant cigarette odour wafting around me, the dry cleaning costs, the dogs breath and the stained, discoloured teeth !

I bought an eCig starter pack and found switching required very little effort because of the similar habitual traits shared with a 'standard' tobacco based cigarette, hand to mouth, inhale, hand down, exhale, etc. I effectively became an e-Cigarette "smoker" over-night, that was over three years ago.

My sense of smell returned almost immediately and even my wife’s cooking started to taste great. I no longer panted or wheezed at the slightest exertion and my morning coughing fits ceased within 4 to 6 weeks! My wife was so surprised at the difference it made to me she also switched, fortunately the savings we made allowed me to join the Gym and my wife to join Weight-watchers (and buy some new clothes, of course!) but we still had money left in our pockets at the end of each month, healthier, slimmer and richer, it was a win, win, win for both of us.

Like most regular smokers who wanted to switch, I bought a large number of what turned out to be inferior products from various national and local suppliers simply because they looked like the all too familar cigarette. In all honesty I did struggle with their effectiveness and the cotton wool type taste that became more apparent as my taste buds recovered.

So, having tried the 'Look-alikes' and wanting something better I was easily swayed into buying a 'Proper' electronic cigarette, one with a bigger rechargeable battery, a clearomiser that gave huge clouds of vapour and best of all ... a much greater selection of eLiquid flavours ... it was mind boggling, a true revelation. I was stunned and thought ... I could do this AND do it a lot better!

There you have it, MyCiggy® Juice & Coils was established late in 2012 to provide the best E-Cigarettes and the highest quality, lowest priced E-Liquid deals in the UK which, as a converted Cigarette smoker, is not only what I demanded for myself but what I wanted to provide to others in a similar position.

Having stopped smoking tobacco based products and determined the need for a reliable supply of good quality electronic cigarettes, components and e-Liquid we opened our first shop in Woodseats, Sheffield, UK in April 2013 after an intensive trialling and research period lasting some 6 months ... the rest is history.

What About the Quality?

From the matching of thread tolerances between the Clearomisers and Li-ion Batteries, to springs, circuit boards and 'maximum-power' lithium-ion batteries, we are confident that MyCiggy eCigarettes are very best you can get ... for now!  

That said, we will never rest on our laurels and will strive to implement a program of continuous improvement, knowing that what we consider to be great products today will eventually become passé as others eventually seek to match our own achievements.

We use the same products ourselves believing it helps our helpful, knowledgeable staff to listen, understand and resolve the majority of your difficulties and concerns! We aim to "be the best" out there and you, our friends and customers, can help us become your favourite supplier, the one that others continually try to copy. All forms of feedback, both good and bad, are encouraged, helping us as it does to become a leading force in the e-Cig Industry. Research and Development is a continuous process in our world, we liaise daily with our manufacturing partners in Europe and the Far-East, striving to get each product better than it is now, your Feedback is passed on to the factory and forms part of that process.

We want our customers to truly enjoy "smoking" MyCiggy products knowing they really are "smoking" the best!

Why Are We So Into MyCiggy®?

... Because we believe we offer great products that do what they should do ... at the right price. They last longer and our E-liquid tastes better. As I write this, I am puffing away on one of our soon to be launched products, smiling to myself thinking how all our customers out there will be enjoying it as much as I'm am!

We monitor market trends and will continue to introduce novel and innovative products, but only once we have performed stringent field trials. We know you'll be surprised at just how good our products and E-liquids are after trying the so-called 'competition'.  Just give MyCiggy quality, value and service a try, confirm it for yourself!

We do not stock or sell 'Look-alike' cigarettes as a matter of principle, preferring to leave the sale of such items to others ... we know they are less effective and more expensive to run than 'Proper' electronic cigarettes and believe that as eCig smoking becomes more acceptable and users become more sophisticated they will demand more, MyCiggy will be there to provide it.

MyCiggy is a well-established company in the e-Cig industry; we are keen, technically knowledgeable and continue to power forward with innovative products. We are quite certain that having tried the ‘MyCiggy’ brand you will not go back to our 'competitors’, of this we are certain!

From all of us here at MyCiggy® Juice & Coils… a big thank you for visiting

Feel free to browse our wares, with our weekly MeGA DeAL offers and special discounts. We are sure you will find something of interest. We really are passionate about our work and your wellbeing, so if the thought of leaving tobacco behind doesn’t make you smile just think of the money you are saving! ... Vape On Friends!

Sincerely yours,

Marcus - MyCiggy® El Capitan!