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MyCiggy-e-cig-tutorial-logoUSING MYCIGGY FOR THE FIRST TIME

 Look further down this page to see the following steps in more detail !

 Please wear rubber gloves whilst handling E-liquid. 

 STEP 1. Turn your battery ON of OFF by pressing the operating button 5 times. 

 If you press the button and it fails to illuminate, the battery is switched off

 STEP 2. Remove the mouthpiece on the clearomiser, and fill with E-liquid to the correct level.

 STEP 3. Replace the mouthpice onto the clearomiser. Screw the clearomiser onto the battery

 STEP 4. Leave Myciggy for 30 seconds when the new clearomiser has been filled, to allow the wicks to soak thoroughly.

 Failure to soak a NEW Clearomiser will result in a burnt taste.

 STEP 5. Start using Myciggy!

*Remember: All the above steps are shown in more detail below!



 Some clearomiser "tops" pull off, some clearomiser "tops" have a screw top

 Please wear rubber gloves whilst handling E-liquid. 

 STEP 1. Whichever style of top you have, gently pull, whist twisting it anti-clockwise to remove the mouthpiece off the clearomiser top.

 STEP 2. Remove the cap off the MyCiggy E-liquid, by pushing down and turning anti-clockwise to get around the child-proof cap.

 STEP 3. Hold the clearomiser in your left hand and insert the MyCiggy needle-top on the E-liquid bottle into the clearomiser, taking care to

 keep it next to the side

 of the clearomiser and away from the hole in the middle. The hole in the middle is where you breathe through, and you don't want

 to get the E-liquid down there. (See the next video for this fix if you get Myciggy E-liquid down the central hole)

 STEP 4. Gently squeeze the E-liquid bottle, watching the E-liquid pour into and down the side of the clearomiser chamber, slowly

 filling it up to the top fill mark on the chamber side, or just below the opaque silicone top inside at the top of the chamber.

STEP 5. Replace the top on the clearomiser and the top on the E-liquid bottle.

*Remember: Leave a newly filled top for 30 seconds for the wicks to soak through before using.


"Gurgling" occurs when liquid has entered the breathing tube of the clearomiser

This is quite a common problem, but very easy to cure.

Please wear rubber gloves whilst handling E-liquid. 

STEP 1. Remove the clearomiser from the battery by unscrewing it.

STEP 2. Whilst holding some kitchen roll or equivalent under the bottom of the clearomiser, blow through the mouthpiece

several times. Any liquid in the breathing tube will fly out of the bottom of the clearomiser and onto the kitchen roll.

STEP 3. With more kitchen roll,  wipe inside the bottom of the clearomiser and also the inside top of the battery to remove

any signs of moisture or E-liquid.

STEP 4. Screw the clearomiser back onto the battery and enjoy MyCiggy!

*Remember: Any moisture in the battery top will prevent the battery from charging and excess liquid can and will

terminally damage your battery. 




Turning the battery on & off and its general operation

MyCiggy batteries are either Manual "Push-Button" or Automatic via a "Inhaling Pressure Switch"

1. Manual batteries like the Phat-V1 can be turned off and on by pressing the operation button 5 times quickly. If you press

the button and it fails to illuminate, the battery is switched off

2. All MyCiggy batteries come with an automatic shut-off after 9 seconds operation. This shut-off prevents overheating and

over-inhalation. The battery button will flash several times when the auto-shut-off occurs.

3. The battery button will also flash several times because:
A) The battery is getting low on power and requires charging soon- Have your spare battery ready!
B) The battery has E-liquid on the battery top and this is causing a malfunction - Check and dab-dry.
C) The battery has been used alot in a short period of time - Calm down, or purchase an E-liquid with a stronger

strength of nicotine!

4. MyCiggy batteies are guaranteed for 28 days. They should last much longer with moderate use. You will be able to

tell when your battery is in need of replacement when the operation time between charges dramatically reduces from when

it was new, or it simply fails to work.

*Remember: The more use the battery gets the quicker it will require recharging and the shorter its life-span will be.

*Remember: Keep the battery connection - inside at the top, clean and moisture free for optimum battery performance.



It quite a simple proceedure, so here's the correct way to charge your battery

STEP 1. Clean the inside top of your battery with some tissue, ensuring no moisure is present (It will not charge correctly if there is)

STEP 2. Screw the battery into the USB charging lead supplied with MyCiggy

STEP 3. Connect the USB lead to your computer (which may need to be switched on for the USB port to be live) OR plug the

lead into your MyCiggy wall adaptor.(In-240v Out-5v @ 420mAh or 150mAh ONLY)

STEP 4. Upon receiving power the indicator light on the charging lead will shine green for a few seconds. When the charging

lead senses the battery requires charging the indicator light will go red

STEP 5. In approximately 2 to 3 hours the light will go green to indicate the battery is fully charged

*Remember: Using other chargers for Smartphones, iPad, iPod etc.. WILL damage your battery, because they output

twice the required power.

*Remember: The USB lead green light indicator will shine green when plugged in, with or without a connected battery.

Please make sure the battery is gently tighted to make contact and charge it.

*Remember: Dispose of your lithium-ion Myciggy battery responsibly



One or all of the following symptoms below, are a sign you need to swap your top

Clearomisers can last anywhere from a week to six weeks - the average is 2 to 3 weeks. It all depends on the amount of useage

and E-liquid flavous used

SYMPTOM 1. The E-liquid in your clearomiser changes to a dark brown colour, far darker than the liquid still in the E-liquid bottle

SYMPTOM 2. Less "smoke" is produced and you have to inhale harder for it.

SYMPTOM 3. Your clearomiser simply stops working.

*Remember: Sweeter E-liquids used in clearomisers will reduce the lifespan of the clearomiser due to the caramelization

effect, carbonising on the atomiser.

*Remember: The Citrus content of E-liquid can, even after a short amout of time, cause small fractures in the Clearomisers.

Myciggy do not guarantee our clearomisers for this eventuality, whilst using other manufacturers E-liquid.


Refilling eCig Evod Midi top

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