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MyCiggy 'Proper' ECigarettes have a rechargeable Li-ion Battery and a Clearomiser Top. 

MyCiggy Electronic Cigarettes are modern, state of the art, battery powered nicotine delivery systems that use e-Liquid, a composite mixture of carrier agents (Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerol), a tasty flavouring and nicotine, one of six of various strengths including Zero% Nicotine which is vapourised using a heating element within the clearomiser body to create a flavoured vapour.

This vapour is inhaled just like REAL tobacco based cigarette smoke and satisfies just like a REAL tobacco based cigarette but without all the tar, ash, odour or other noxious chemicals!



On activation, the quality lithium-ion battery causes the atomiser deep within the clearomiser to glow red hot. E-liquid is drawn from the clearomiser chamber by a wicking arrangement which delivers it to the atomiser where it is heated and turned into a vapour. This vapour delivers both the flavouring and nicotine, the percentages of which are determined by the strength of Myciggy E-liquid you have chosen (excluding MyCiggy ZERO%). The MyCiggy Electronic Cigarette range do this in exactly the same way as a traditional cigarette would do. You 'smoke' MyCiggy as you would a normal cigarette, without all the “nasties” including tar and added tobacco burning agents. The vapour emitted has no odour and nor will you!


E-liquid is the liquid that you fill your MyCiggy atomiser chamber up with, that is turned into a vapour. MyCiggy E-liquid is made from the finest quality ingredients and even comes in different flavours, that shortly will be updated with new ones weekly! MyCiggy E-liquid contains the following ingredients: Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol, flavouring, a measured % of nicotine (excluding MyCiggy ZERO%). Nicotine is classed as a toxic substence so care should be taken when handling it. MyCiggy E-liquid comes in 6x strengths of nicotine and lots of different flavours! Most people start on the tobacco flavours they have been used to, but after a month or so will swap to the sweet & desserts, drinks & beverages  or the fruit flavours! .. Even if you dont think you will swap from your chosen tobacco flavour – you will, we know you will !