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2000 - Hon Lik a cigarette smoking pharmacist came up with the idea of vapourising a propylene glycol based liquid containing nicotine. Subsequently he invented the world’s first electronic cigarette in Beijing, China, which was on the market by 2004. The Chinese inventor created the e-cig after his father, also a heavy smoker, died of lung cancer. The company he works for is called "Ruyan" which literally translated means "Resembling Smoking"

2006 - Europe is introduced to E Cigarettes.

2007 - The USA is introduced to Electronic Cigarettes. Their popularity in the US also created a stir, the FDA banned early imports of the product and claimed that tests proved that E Cigs are a “drug device”; these tests are later deeply criticized by the scientific consultants Exponent, Inc.

2008 - WHO (World Health Organisation) states that electronic cigarettes are not to be considered as a genuine smoking cessation aid and insists that all companies remove materials suggesting so.

2008  In a study funded by Ruyan, Health New Zealand conducts a detailed quantitative analysis and concludes that carcinogens and toxicants are present only below harmful levels. Overall, the product tested was deemed a "safe alternative to smoking."

The Ruyan funded report can be seen here:

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