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Just a girl is she? Just a girl because YOU cant afford to make her feel special? Just think what you could do, where you could go and how you could make HER feel with a bit of extra scrilla in your pocket?

Haven't thought about that have you? Are you serious? You need to give your head a wobble and see sense mate! Do you know what tobacco actually is costing you every week, month or even EVERY YEAR? Lets start with the cost of smoking cigarettes each month then..

I'm guessing your rent or board is between £300 ish to £750 every month - about right? For starters you can just about DOUBLE the £300 rent. Have you tried or been forced to cut back and gone onto rollies? Nah.. Couldn't stand the embarrassment of showing the world you cant afford things your rich mates have got, AND be sensible enough to get rid of the crisp cardboard packet with expensive filter Cigarettes and Roll your own..Could you?!

Dude...There is another way to feel better, save some dollars and not FEEL like your showing the world you are a little bit skint & sensible but YOU ARE REALLY SENSIBLE & CLUED-UP. Two and A bit words... MyCiggy E Cigarettes.. Maybe a Carbon-fibre number that embarrasses clouds for breakfast? & doesn't make you smell like a wet dog?! She's YOUR Girl... isn't she?

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