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How To Shake N Vape ?

How to shake and vape

Shake ‘N’ Vape – Do I start by doing a jig whilst puffing on my Pockex or my Cleito? – NO..

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD for short), another lovely European law – Just like the one outlawing bent bananas ! - That states ‘in layman's terms’ that eliquid/juice cannot be sold in a bigger bottle than 10ml, if it contains nicotine..

Ok.. So how about selling a zero nicotine flavour that – should you wish to add nicotine to it – can be legally much bigger than 10ml?!! Shazamm ! That’s it really.. No one can stop you.. Just like if you choose to add whiskey to a can of coke.. With MyCiggy Juice & Coil Co that equals fantabulous value-for money, within either 6 or 12 minutes of preperation!

Now, selling you a VG/PG Flavour and telling you, ‘you could add nicotine to it’ is a big no-no on our part.. The Govt/Trading Standards/Law/Police may say if we showed you how to add nicotine, or even did it on your behalf, that could be construed with selling you a big bottle including the nicotine content, bigger than 10ml (i.e Like we did before May 20th 2017) – & that would be really, really bad & even criminal on our part. We would or will never, ever, recommend that you ‘ MODIFY’ any juice/eliquid in that manner – Clearly that is naughty and totally wrong as professional E-Cig hardware & Juice sellers.

As of now (August 2017) telling you HOW to ‘Modify’ big cheap bottles of tasty quality favoured juice is totally legal.. So, although MyCiggy Juice & Coil Co can't & would never recommend it, the following steps work very, very well, if you chose to Shake it ’N’ Vape it !……


Nic shot eliquid graphic

1. Remove the top of your Diacetyl free, VG & PG tasty flavour Mix
2. Add Your 10ml ‘Nic Shot’ & replace the big bottle top and tighten (I remove the pouring nipple on the Nic-Shot for speed!)
3. Shake it like a polaroid picture for a minute
4. Leave standing for 5 mins
5. For a 120ml Short-fill bottle you will need to repeat steps 1,2, 3, & 4 once again - 100ml of Flavour (120ml short-fill bottles) requires 2x Nic shots of 18mg Nic & 80ml (100ml short-fill bottles) require 2x Nic shots of 15mg Nic... However 50ml / 60ml short-fill bottles only need 1x 18mg Nic shot.

Now, 2x nic shots in a 120ml short-fill bottle (100ml of Flavour & 120ml of capacity!) will equal approx, 3mg of nicotine after the full 12 minutes, but you will find that after 12 minutes plus a further 24 hours, the flavour becomes more ‘Bold’ due to ‘Steeping’/blending time. 12 minutes is all you need to crack on and vape though! Clearly in the case of a 50ml bottle the time-frame is halved to 6 minutes because you'll only be adding 1x Nic-Shot bottle NOT 2x as in the 80ml Flavour / 100ml Bottle size & 100ml Flavour / 120ml Bottle size short-fill!

Here are some examples of lovely Zero Nicotine Juices >> Spook Sauce and Pick-n-mix and Ice-Cream-Van and Biscuit Man and FizZz

MyCiggy Juice & Coil Co would never recommend ‘Modifying’ your eliquid. Clearly any eliquid consumed should be done so, in line with the manufacturers’ recommendations, and EU Law. Shake-on-Vapers.. M

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