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MODS - The kind that wear Parkas & ride Lambrettas? errr..NO!!!...MOD is the 'Today' word for A Hardcore, High-Watt-Output E Cig! Today in 2015, MOD means Modified E-Cigarette. THINK.. Pipes and Cigars as a tobacco smoker - Yep you got it!
Battery MODS come in the form of Mechanical - with no electronic circuitry and Digital - with electronic circuitry and LED displays.

Digital Battery MODS allow you to tinker and tweak the power/vapour output they generate to suit you and your taste (A bit like a standard style VV battery - 'Variable Voltage'), BUT MOD batteries have a bit more PUNCH! Mechanical Battery MODS rely solely on the coil you build and the heat output that coil creates (Dont worry we have videos that will follow soon!) Most Battery MODS strangely don't come with a battery, you have to buy your battery of choice separately.

Sat on-top of your mechanical or digital battery MOD is a MOD tank or Dripper. Tanks hold liquid. Drippers allow you to drip the eLiquid of your choice onto them and swap from one flavour to another easily without having to strip down and clean! MOD Tanks & Drippers require you to make your own coils and wicks! See QUESTIONS - SOON for more info and Videos on MODS!

Don't get me wrong, there's nowt wrong with a Lammy. Use your MyCiggy E Cigarette whilst on the go without burning your cheeks too ! They're Cool as a Cucumber...

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