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E Cigarettes The Facts: The first E Cigarettes arrived on shelves as far back as 2007, but they were pricey and didn't quite function as they were supposed to. It's only in the last couple of years that E Cigarettes have really taken off - their success isn't a coincidence, as today's E Cigarettes really work.

Let's start with the obvious - E Cigarettes don't have the same negative effects on the body that tobacco cigarettes do. Although it's too early to claim that E Cigs are better for you than normal cigarettes (more research on this is underway), we can list the various harmful effects that tobacco has on your body that E Cigarettes do not: strokes, heart attacks, lung cancer, Alzheimer's and many other conditions have all been linked to smoking.

E Cigarettes are cheaper than real cigarettes, too. Due to inflation and increase in taxes, cigarettes have become very expensive luxury items. Being addicted to smoking is a costly habit these days, but buying a reusable E Cig cuts down on this cost drastically.

If you're burning tobacco to smoke, that requires a flame (obviously). Naked flames can be very unsafe, as can burning cigarettes left unattended. In eight countries around the world, cigarettes are the number one cause of house-fire related deaths - an E Cigarette will never set on fire when left unattended. (unless it is being incorrectly charged!)

One benefit that sounds quite obvious, but believe me you'd be surprised by how many people overlook this one over, E Cigarettes don't require a lighter or match to operate. Not only can the cigarettes be smoked in windy conditions (the flame won't be burnt out), but you don't have to make sure you're carrying around a lighter or book of matches with you wherever you go. That also means there are no more awkward 'you got a light mate?' moments out in the street.

One last thing about cigarettes, and this won't be new to anybody either, but cigarette smoke has a bad smell to it. Smoking e cigarettes is much better for social situations - not only will you stop affecting other people with passive smoke, but your clothes won't smell, and your teeth won't turn off-white yellow. Since the smoking ban, people have not been allowed to smoke in public spaces, but with E Cigarettes you can puff away to your heart's content.

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