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MyCiggy are REALLY getting into this MOD E Cig malarkee!.. We have seen, touched & used most of the E Cig MODS - Mech & Digi Batteries, Drippers and Tanks on the market.. MOST are much of a muchness, but some oose (or ouse as we'd say in Sheffield!) Claaass!.

We don't like faffing with screwdrivers and tools when we can be drinking beer and enjoying life here at MyCiggy! We like simple but effective improvements to our Vaping lives. And the simple but effective route is where we are heading. MyCiggy would like to give OUR MyCiggy customers THE POWER to change things. WHY? Because we're into E Cigs too!

SO... If there is something you'd like us to stock for your convenience (That we can make an itsy-bitsy-bit of profit on - We have to or we wouldn't be able to write to you!) simply drop us your suggestions HERE and the best ones we receive we will buy, trial & sell.

If we have emailed you and thanked you for your suggestion and told you we are trialling your product idea - If we re-order after the trail stock - YOU are a clear WINNER!!** All you've got to do is simply point us in the direction of you & your friends Vaping needs & we will reward you with £100 CASH MONEY, for your trouble!

Hey you could even make a living from us, out of your E Cig passion!.. Fan-dabby-dosey! x

**Subject to the product trail conditions above

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