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Best Watt setting for eCig Tank Coils - Plain English


When MyCiggy started getting into e-cigs and accessories in 2012, knowledge for the consumer to remember was simply limited to: 5 clicks to turn the battery on and off, how to charge the battery, not to overfill the clearomiser and avoid getting any eliquid down the central ‘inhale’ pipe!!

Move onto 2016 and the business has dramatically changed. MODS or modified ecigs are here to stay… Eliquid tanks with replaceable coils, coils with various ohms ratings, Battery wattage outputs topping 200 watts + !! Really.. Why do you need all this power for a cheeky vape! This can all get rather confusing to the average Joe…

With the advent of MODS hitting the market most were, and still are, quite big heavy setups that didn’t really suit the average man on the street as they simply weren’t pocketable. The big advantage of mods with sub-ohm capability (Using a coil below 1.0 Ohm) is that the flavour is massively more flavoursome (Obvs Juice dependant) and the consumer requiring far less Nicotine in MOD Juice than a regular button push ecig.

For example I smoked 40-a-day and for years have been on 18mg nicotine – When I swapped over to a MOD 18mg crashed down to 3mg – With no noticeable nicotine craving – It’s as simple as: More vapour created = less nicotine needed!

With the introduction of the first ‘Mini’ MOD – Ego AIO - the pocket sized revolution is here and average ecig vapers are staring to swap over to a more flavoursome MOD Experience.

However getting back to basics, we all want our vaping experience to be a pleasant one with no burning tastes and a hardware setup to suit us!

The confusion it seems, is now educating people with adjustable wattage batteries with which size coil to put in their tanks and what wattage the battery needs to set at for the optimum performance, and not tasting like burning twigs !

Based on Ohms Law here is how you would simply work it out

The Magic Number I prefer to use is 17.64 Divided by the ohms rating of the Coil ! Here are some examples:

1. 0.3 ohms coil = 17.64/0.3 = 58.8 Watts

2. 0.6 ohms coil = 17.64/0.6 = 29.4 Watts

3. 0.75 ohms coil = 17.64/0.75 = 23.52 Watts

4. 0.15 ohms coil = 17.64/0.15 = 117.6 Watts

Now for the technical amongst you this is a rough calculation based on the max fully charged battery output of 4.2v. So 4.2 x 4.2 = 17.64 - Yes I know there are variances BUT they are only small ones and as a rough guide you can always fine tune by taste.

Some may use this calculation based on 3.7v – The magic number then changes to 13.69 – With experience fully charged batteries can kick out 4.2v when fully charged so that’s why I prefer 17.64 over 13.69 as my magic number!!

The Magic Number of 13.69 can also be divided by the ohms rating of the Coil ! Here are some examples:

1. 0.3 ohms coil = 13.69/0.3 = 45.63 Watts

2. 0.6 ohms coil = 13.69/0.6 = 22.81 Watts

3. 0.75 ohms coil = 13.69/0.75 = 18.25 Watts

4. 0.15 ohms coil = 13.69/0.15 = 91.26 Watts

In summary.. Whichever magic number suits the fully charged output of your battery, here’s the optimum wattage setting parameters:

1. 0.3 ohms coil = 45.63 to 58.8 Watts

2. 0.6 ohms coil = 22.81 to 29.4 Watts

3. 0.75 ohms coil =18.25 to 23.52 Watts

4. 0.15 ohms coil = 91.26 to 117.6 Watts

You can find MyCiggy's range of replaceable mod coils HERE

At least you are in the right ballpark and not aiming for a naaasty ‘Dry-Hit’ running a 0.6 Ohm coil at 80 Watts!



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